Understanding Ourselves Through Erotic Fantasies Zine


Our Erotic Fantasies Zine is full of interactive thoughts and activities to help you to understand yourself and what fantasy means to you

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Our Understanding Ourselves Through Erotic Fantasies Zine is our latest publication. It’s full of interactive thoughts and activities to help you explore and tune into your own fantasies and to understand how they may affect you. 

When they think about what sex is people often assume it involves getting physical with another person. They might expand this out to also include solo sex and getting physical with ourselves. But they probably rarely think of erotic fantasy (whether solo or shared) as a form of sex in its own right.

Actually fantasies can be the main, or only, form of sexual activity for many people: whether that’s having them, reading or viewing other people’s, and/or writing or making them themselves. Given all the pressures around sex, fantasy, erotica and porn can often feel safer than physical forms of sex, and an easier place to be honest about what really turns us on.

Fantasies can offer us fun and excitement, a way of communicating with partners about what we like, even a helpful means of getting to sleep or soothing ourselves when times are tough. Tuning into fantasies can also be a great way of learning about how we relate to ourselves, to other people, and to the wider world.

This erotic fantasies zine takes you through a few key ideas for figuring out what your fantasies are, tuning into them, exploring them, and creating them. Whether you’re not sure you’ve ever had a fantasy, or you spend a large part of your life in your fantasy world, hopefully there’ll be something in here for you.

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