Power and Consent – Podcast

power and consent - Meg-John & Justin Podcast

We recorded this podcast about power and consent in light of the allegations made against Harvey Weinstein (but before #MeToo trended, again). We talk about how power and consent is actually an issue that probably affects all of us at some point. 

I’m afraid we don’t have time to write a blog version this week. I wrote this over at Bish which covers a lot of the ground that we cover, but in less detail, in the podcast.

As we say at the end of the podcast you can find out more about our work outside of what we do here on our About Us section — particularly if you were interested in getting one to one advice from us.

Our book, Enjoy Sex, is apparently now available in Waterstones in the actual shops. If you click on the click and collect button here you can see if it’s available at your local shop. I went to look at the Waterstones on Picadilly and was depressed to find it not there but maybe I was looking in the wrong place. Anyway, this is good news.

Also if you like our book could you please leave a review at any of the main places you can buy it online. It would really help us if we could rate higher than all those other really rubbish sex advice books! Amazon – Foyles – Waterstones – WHSmiths

I’m afraid we’re having a few weeks off, probably back next month. Sorry about that.