Top and Bottom – Podcast Episode 7

top and bottom - Meg-John and Justin podcast episode 7

Here we talk about what we mean by ‘top and bottom’ in sex and relationships. Is it necessary, who does what and how to do it consensually. 

Justin got asked about top and bottom over at BISH, here we have a chat about this for an older crowd. Like all our stuff here at Meg-John & Justin, this is for an adult audience.

In this episode we talk about:

  • the origins of topping and bottoming,
  • where it overlaps with identities,
  • how it might be about different sexual practices and/or kink (BDSM)
  • some of the unhelpful messages we receive about who is supposed to top and bottom
  • topping and bottoming is certainly not for everyone and that that is okay
  • how to top and bottom consensually

In this episode we chat about Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent so do check that out if it sounds useful to you.

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