About Us

Heyyyyyyy! Welcome to our website. This is the place where we’ll bring together all of the joint projects we’re working on: the podcast, our book, our zines, our blog-posts, and our videos.

As I say here, Meg-John and I aren’t doing regular work together anymore, but you can find all of the Meg-John & Justin podcasts in the Culture Sex Relationships podcast. This is hosted by me, Justin! Meg-John has been on a couple of times to talk about their books and we also did a show about Kink.

We’re all about sex and relationship advice, ideas, and education. A lot of sex and relationship advice claims to be from ‘sexperts’ who can give you ‘the secret’ to ‘great sex’. We’re not about that at all! We’ve learnt a lot about sex and relationships over the years, but it’s important to remember that only you can be the expert on your experiences, your desires, and your relationships. We’re all in this together with the kinds of messages we receive about sex and relationships, and we all struggle with them.

We aim to write in an accessible way that’s inclusive of everyone rather than aiming at any particular audience, so you’ll find that we try not to make any assumptions about, for example, what gender you are, what kind of body you have, or what kinds of sex and relationships you may or may not like.

Who are we?
I, Justin, have been a sex and relationships educator since 1999 working in schools, youth clubs, colleges, unis, and with adults at various events. I train people to work in RSE too. As well as all of this I now also do Solution Focused Coaching sessions about sex, relationships, you. You can find out more about all of this at my website justinhancock.co.uk

Meg-John has studied sex and relationships academically for a similar length of time, as well as working as a sex and relationship therapist, and doing a lot of activism in this area. You can find their solo website over on Rewriting-the-Rules.

When we started delivering workshops together and discussing our work we realised that we’d come to similar places from different directions. We noticed similar problems in sex education, sex therapy, and sex advice. We thought that bringing our different knowledge and skills together would result in something new, and hopefully helpful.

Who are you?
This website is aimed at adults rather than young people. If you’re a young person you might like to check out Justin’s website over on BishUK.

We’re hoping that this website will particularly appeal to you if you’re:

  • Somebody who’s keen to enjoy sex and/or relationships more than they do
  • Somebody who’s generally left out of sex and relationship advice (most people!)
  • Somebody who hasn’t had much sex and relationship education (SRE), or who’s had poor SRE (again, most people!)
  • Somebody who isn’t doing what they’d really like to do in their sex or love life or wants to try different things
  • Somebody who’s struggling with sex or relationships in any way