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You can ask us about sex and relationships questions here but please read this first:

Although Meg-John and I aren’t doing regular shows anymore, I am going to do some advice shows as part of the new podcast Culture Sex Relationships. This would either be with me or with some guests on the show. So if you want to contact me directly with a question you would like me to answer on the show, please email me via the contact box or directly to culturesexrelationships at gmail dot com

Note: if you want to contact Meg-John you’ll need to go to their website and contact them there.

This is not for emergencies
If you need answers in a hurry (and are in the UK) then if you’re in a crisis The Samaritans is a good place to go. If it’s relating to any kind of relationship abuse then try this useful list of services collated by Mind. Click here to find a sexual health service near you.

We can’t answer all questions
Any questions that we answer will be answered publicly and published on here. We’ll may well bring a bunch of questions together that are on a similar issue. We’re not able to send any individual replies. If you want to talk about sex and relationship issues more personally then we’d suggest a therapist or sex/relationship coach. Pink Therapy is a great place to find these, or you can check out local voluntary services in your area.

It’s confidential
We won’t tell anyone who you are if you’ve sent us your name. (Though when your message comes through we can see your IP address).

Tell us a bit about you
We’re not going to make any assumptions about who you are, so it’s worth giving us a bit of background info about you so that we can give the best answer possible.

We’re not medics and we’re not always right
We can’t give any medical advice but we can give general advice and information. Although Meg-John is a therapist, they can’t offer therapy here because it’s just a brief Q&A. We also can’t accept any responsibility for anything that goes wrong as a result of our advice. Generally we’ll probably give a few options and ideas for you to see what works best for you.

Please please search the site for your answer first!
Please read through the website to find an answer to your question before asking us.

Where are the answers?
We post the answers here or sometimes we’ll post audio answers here.

Want us to answer your question in our podcast?
If you like, you could record your question on your phone and email it to us at hello at megjohnandjustin dot com. Please try to keep your question under a minute (or we may edit it down).

We love feedback!
You can also use the form below to give feedback about the site, or you could click here to take part in a survey. You can also contact us here about other stuff, like work or media stuff.

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