Welcome to our publications page! This is the published work that Meg-John and I did, our book and zines. I’m also working on a new zine which you might be interested in signing up for. More below.

The book

Together we wrote a sex advice book ‘Enjoy Sex (How, When, and IF You Want To) which was republished as A Practical Guide to Sex. It looks like it’s easier to get hold of the latter now. It’s available in shops, like Waterstones, and also online at Bookshop and other shops. If you buy from these links I earn more royalties.

Meg-John has written several really excellent books. You can find out more about those at their website.

Justin has written several really excellent downloadable resources for teaching relationships and sex education to over 14s and you can see those at his website.

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The zines

Below are our zines, which are downloads (you download them and print them off yourselves). They are workbooks with activities for you to work through to help you to think about what you want and need from relationships and sex .

You should receive a download link to the zine as soon as you order it. If you don’t receive it you might want to check your spam folder.

Note, if you don’t get an email with the download link please email me bishtraining at gmail dot com or via the contact form.

These are for personal use. If you wish to distribute them in a professional setting (eg if you’re a therapist or sex educator) you will need to purchase multiple downloads. You could also contact us about a licence, the fee for which would be cheaper than buying multiple copies.

If you like zines, I’m working on another one! It’s all about ‘the self’ and I’m releasing it bit by bit via the Culture Sex Relationships Patreon.

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