Make your own relationship user guide


make your own relationship user guide


This relationship user guide is an interactive workbook to help you have honest conversations about your relationships. Download and print your own.

Many of us have grown up thinking that love is something that we have no control over: that if we have to work on our relationships then it’s not natural and it’s not real love.

We think love is a combination of something you make happen as well as it happening to you. What if we could try a more consensual and intentional way of doing relationships? That’s what this zine is about.

It’s in a workbook style with lots of activities to make it easier for you to have those tricky conversations about your relationships. Thinking about what you want from relationships and what is important for you in them. Reflecting on all the different kinds of love in your lives and where you and others fit in. Exploring what kind of relationship model might work for you. Which parts of your life you share with others and with whom. Working out your relationship calendars, your patterns, your languages, and even your galaxies.

Many people have told us how useful they find this zine: individuals but also couples counsellors. By using this kind of interactive ‘everything on the table’ kind of approach makes relationship chats really affirmative and actually celebratory. Having clarity about our wants, needs, patterns, and history makes much more space for a relationship to flourish and thrive.

Making your own relationship user guide means that you are working out what works for you, rather than doing what an ‘expert’ tells you to. We have personally used it to help us to inform our relationships with others. It’s a great starting point for creating menus, or google docs to help guide a relationship.

It doesn’t solve any problems all by itself, however it does make it easier to be honest with yourself and other people in your life. In this way, it helps you to do the work, rather than doing the work for you. So if you are in a new relationship (of any kind) or in an existing relationship this we think this will be great for you.

These are for personal use. If you wish to distribute them in a professional setting (eg if you’re a therapist or sex educator) you will need to purchase multiple downloads. You could also contact us about a licence, the fee for which would be cheaper than buying multiple copies.