About The Podcast

Thanks for being so patient with us in our hiatus from regular podcasting. I just wanted to give you a little more information about the future of the show. 

I’m afraid we’re not going to be able to do regular ‘Meg-John & Justin’ shows like we have for these last four years. Meg-John is in a place where they need to put some spaciousness around public-facing work, and focus more on writing, so they aren’t able to do such a regular podcast. However they very much hope to keep blogging and being a guest on other people’s podcasts including this one. 

This put me in the position of deciding what to do with the podcast stream, the Patreon, and my work in this area too. As we discussed in the show, I’m pretty good with endings, Duchamp’s door and all that. However I’ve also been learning more about Deleuze and Guattari, rhizomes, and the potential for creative new connections. In short, I’d like to have a go at keeping some of this work going. 

So in order to do that I’ve re-branded the podcast feed to ‘Culture, Sex, and Relationships’. All the Meg-John and Justin podcasts are still there, and if you have already subscribed you don’t have to change anything. Just change your bookmarks to soundcloud.com/culturesexrelationships.

I’m going to do different kinds of shows with different people and sometimes maybe just by myself.

  • A continuation of ‘Sex Jams’ which is the new podcast on the feed which I do with Eleanor Janega, here’s our show about 2 Become 1
  • Interviews with interesting people about their work, the first of these is a chat with Elsie Whittington about Consent Education
  • Topic and advice based shows with a rotating cast of co-hosts (hopefully including MJ)
  • Reviews of TV and film that are pertinent to the kinds of topics we’ve covered on the show before
  • More watchalongs

Note, I am still going to try and make advice shows, so if you have any questions that you would like to send in please do so via the contact page here.

I’m also trying to keep the Patreon going, though I have of course given everyone the choice of leaving, which a few have. The Patreon feed is still the same but I’ve changed the URL for that to patreon.com/culturesexrelationships. The extras on Patreon will be something like:

  • Extended content version of whatever I produce on the free feed. There is already extended content of the last two episodes on there.
  • Some kind of book group or podcast group, where I facilitate discussions about other people’s work
  • Setting up a discord server so everyone can chat to each other

I’ll be making a start on the last two of these early in the new year.

I’m not going to rename this website because that’s a real pain, but I’m also not going to post the episodes on here either. Because it’s just me now I need to streamline this as much as possible, so sadly there won’t be any more blogs. So if you want to hear the podcast you’ll need to subscribe to the feed, or go to soundcloud.com/culturesexrelationships or patreon.com/culturesexrelationships

If you are really only here for what Meg-John and I were doing together and you want to leave it at that, that’s fine. You could also just support our separate Patreons patreon.com/MegJohnBarker and patreon.com/BISHuk, or not. Also you can continue to support our work by buying our zines and also the best selling sex advice book ever written, A Practical Guide to Sex, or Enjoy Sex (How, When, and IF You Want To). 

If we were to queer endings and instead just see them on a spectrum of change, or if we were to trouble the binaries of beginnings and endings, this does feel like quite a lot of change and also quite a lot of binary troubling! So we’re both really sad about it. Gutted, in fact. However, we’re also really proud of the many many episodes we did. The feedback you gave us really kept us going, and the support that you gave us was extremely valuable. 

Hope you’re doing okay given everything going on -gestures broadly-