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Our Make Your Own Sex Manual is a zine for you to work out what works for you from sex and how to communicate this to your partner(s).

We grow up with messages that sex is very important, but that it’s vital to do it in the ‘right’ way. The pressures on us to have ‘normal’ sex rather than enjoyable sex are huge. This can lead to us having a lot of mediocre sex and sex that isn’t very consensual too. Also many people don’t want to have sex at all, and may feel that they have to do so.

In the same way as our ‘make your own relationship user guide’ zine invited you to develop your own handbook about how you like to do relationships, this zine is an opportunity to create your own guide for yourself – and anybody you’re physical with – about how you like to do sex or other kinds of intimate contact.

In that way, doing this zine is a great way of rebelling against those messages we receive about sex, tuning into what you actually enjoy, and communicating about that with others. If you find the zine helpful, you might like to pick up a copy of our book ‘Enjoy Sex (How, When and If You Want To)’.

If you don’t receive a download link via email please email me (telling me which zine you bought) and I’ll send it to you manually bishtraining at gmail dot com or via the contact form.

These are for personal use. If you wish to distribute them in a professional setting (eg if you’re a therapist or sex educator) you will need to purchase multiple downloads. You could also contact us about a licence, the fee for which would be cheaper than buying multiple copies.