Gender Stories x Meg-John & Justin Collab

An interview with Alex Iantaffi about queer, neurodiversity, and families

In this week’s podcast we interviewed Alex Iantaffi again – MJ’s coauthor for the book How To Understand Your Gender. They were over in the UK working with MJ on a follow-up book, Life Isn’t Binary. This time we’d saved up some of our more challenging questions – on Alex’s areas of expertise – to chat with them about, as well as catching up with them about their new amazing podcast, Gender Stories.

So in this podcast we talk to Alex about:

  • Sexuality labels, particularly in relation to somebody who identifies as lesbian within a queer community and can feel excluded by this.
  • Having relationships as a neurodiverse person.
  • How to map different family constellations.

We hope you enjoy it.

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