Enjoy Non Genital Sex

Enjoy Non Genital Sex

Our latest podcast is all about exploring different ways of enjoying non genital sex. Enjoy! (How, When and IF You Want To).

Something we get asked a lot about (and bang on about even when we’re not asked) is about how people can enjoy non genital sex.

On a training course recently Justin asked the group to come up with different sexual activities that people could enjoy. He used four different headings:

  1. Not in the same room
  2. Fully clothed in the same room
  3. Wearing underwear in the same room
  4. Naked in the same room

So before you listen to the podcast why not jot a few ideas down for yourself? There’s a similar activity to this in our book Enjoy Sex, however dividing up in this way may help you to be more specific and come up with even more things. The whole thing is just about expanding your erotic imaginations.

Why is it a good idea to do this? Well, not everyone is interested in having, or enjoys having, genital sex. Or some people may need to take genital sex off the table for a bit for various reasons (which we explore in the podcast). However it’s also a good idea even if you enjoy genital sex. This is because it can help you to tune into different kinds of sensations all over your body.

So we hope you enjoy this podcast. It’s a long one.

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