Trans and GRA

trans and the gra podcast

This week we spent the podcast talking about trans and the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) given that this is in the news so much at the moment.

We talked about the current moral panic about trans which is playing out in popular culture and the mainstream media, and the devastating impact that has on young trans and gender diverse people particularly.

We covered the most recent event in this long running panic: the trans exclusionary radical feminists who disrupted the London Pride march, and why trans rights are a vital part of feminism, not in opposition to it.

We explained that much of the current frenzy has been whipped up by media and others in response to the government consultation on the Gender Recognition Act. We overviewed what this Act does – and doesn’t do. While there is fearmongering around who has access to safe spaces and toilets, and how young gender diverse people will be treated, the act really only deals with the process that a person has to go through to have their identity legally recognised, and whether non-binary people will be included in that process as well as men and women.

Please check out the Stonewall and Gendered Intelligence information, and then complete the consultation. It’s easy to take part as each page has drop-down menus to explain what is being asked of you.

© Meg-John Barker and Justin Hancock