Master of None – Podcast Episode 14

Where we chat about our favourite show ‘Master of None’ and give advice to Dev about how to do relationships.

One of the few things that MJ and I both watch is Master of None which is a really funny, woke and kinda sad show set in New York. It’s on Netflix and is well worth a watch if you’re a fan of sex and relationships (of all different kinds).

Dev (the main character) really seems to be struggling with romantic relationships so we decided to give him some unsolicited advice (the most annoying of all the different kinds of advice right?). So we ended up talking about:

  • relationship anarchy,
  • how romantic relationships are put at the top of a hierarchy,
  • how other kinds of relationships are potentially just as valuable,
  • the societal messages we receive about relationships
  • what relationships might be like if we could be more intentional and consensual about them

Also we talk about how much we love the Thanksgiving episode <3, Chef Jeff and the New York episode and how to approach intersectionality and diversity in mainstream show (which Master of None does pretty well).

If, like Dev, you are struggling with relationships or want to think more critically about them you might like our ‘Make Your Own Relationship User Guide’ zine. It’s available to buy now for just £2.50.