Website and Book Launch Day!

As well as it being the last day of Christmas, and our friend Kirsty’s birthday, it’s the day when we launch our website and our brand new book!

The Book

As you can see on this page, Enjoy Sex (How, When and If You Want To) is out now and is available from bookshops and other places that sell books. It should be in the shops but you can also buy it online as a paperback but also for your e-readers. It’s just £7.99 for the paperback.

This book is the first big project that we’ve done together after several years of loving each other’s work and being great mates. It’s the result of many mornings in London cafes sitting together around our laptops with many cups of coffee.

We think this is a sex advice book with a difference. A lot of sex advice books claim that the authors are ‘sexperts’ who can give you ‘the secret’ to ‘great sex’. We’re trying to get away from the sex negative and sex positive messages to find a kinder way in which we can all approach sex, and enjoy it if we want to. We’re going to challenge all of those ideas over the course of this book! We’ve learnt a lot about sex over the years, but it’s important to remember that only you can be the expert on your experiences, your body, and your desires.

We really hope you like it!

The Website

As we were writing the book we realised that we wanted to keep working together. So that’s why we have decided to work together on this website. We asked our friend Rhiannon from Hey Kiddo! to design us a website (she also did our own websites – she’s great).

As you can see it’s a place for us to blog about stuff and to answer your questions. If you want to ask us a question about anything to do with sex and relationships you can do that here (some t&cs apply). We’re going to answer your questions with blogs but also with our new podcast!

Yes that’s right we’re also doing a podcast. As you can see here at our Soundcloud page we’ve recorded a couple already. We’re hoping to make this a regular thing once we get into the swing of it. We’d really like it if you sent us your questions for us to answer – it would be really great if you wanted to send us a recording of your question from your phone. Again head over here to find out more. We’re also hoping to have some guests on our podcast and have some ideas for silliness to break up some of the advice and real talk.

Also on our publications page you’ll see that we have also made some zines – one about how to make your own relationship guide and one about how to make your own sex manual. These are filled with practical and creative ideas to help you to have more enjoyable and consensual sex and relationships. More information about these here and here.