Intro to Our ‘Make Your Own’ Sex Manual Zine

We’re both big fans of zines, so one of the main things we want to do on this site is to create a bunch of zines about sex and relationships. Meg-John has been making zines for quite a while now and finds that they’re a really good way to get ideas across in a simple and accessible way, with a combination of words and pictures. Justin has enjoyed working through Meg-John’s zines on topics like Staying with Feelings  and Social Mindfulness to learn about therapy practices that we can use in everyday life.

For the zines we make together our theme is a kind of ‘make your own’ workbook. We’ve already produced a zine to help you to make your own relationship user guide, about how you like to do relationships. This zine takes a similar approach to sex: It helps you to write your own sex manual or menu of the kind of sexual, erotic or sensual activities that you enjoy, as well as helping you think about how you’d like to communicate about sex. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what you like; the zine also helps you to figure that out.

Like with our book Enjoy Sex (How, When and If You Want To), the zine encourages you to think about some of the messages that we learn about sex, and to challenge narrow ideas about what ‘counts’ as ‘proper’ sex.

The idea with our zines is that you’re the expert on your own experience, so it’s about filling in where you’re at in response to our questions and prompts. Different things work for different people when it comes to sex, so no sex manual could ever work for everyone – except this one!

It’s just £2.50 for an instant download. You can buy it from here.