Love Stories and Rom Coms – Podcast Episode 9

Our latest podcast, where we talk about love stories and rom coms. Justin has been getting asked a lot of questions about love and relationships in school and MJ has been watching a lot of rom coms and box sets – so that’s what we talk about! If you don’t want us to just keep rambling like this please send us your questions to answer!

We talk a lot about celebrating different kinds of relationships and doing different kinds of relationships. We think that if you can critically unpack all the stuff that you’ve been taught at school and in rom coms about relationships then you might be able to do them better (for you).

If this is of interest to you, you might like our ‘Make Your Own Relationship User Guide‘ which is available to download now for just £2.50. Folk have been telling us that they find this really useful.

Also Justin really doesn’t watch enough rom coms.