Introducing Our Fantasy Zine

Fantasy zine

A topic we’re very interested in at the moment is erotic fantasies. We believe that they have a lot to offer us, both in terms of our sex lives and in understanding ourselves more widely.

Recently we’ve taken part in a number of events with awesome artist Aleksandra Karpowicz who is documenting people’s fantasy lives in her ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ project (link – note, flashing nude images). We’ve also written our own zine about how to tune into erotic fantasies and use them to understand themselves (link).

You can download the zine here and listen to a podcast about it here.

In this podcast (we were in a cafe, so sorry about the inoffensive background jazz) we talk about our latest zine. Where it comes from, why we made it and why we think it might be useful. So have a listen and, if you think it’s useful, please buy it. Just £2.50 for an instant download.